Failure Analysis Testing

It is vital to understand any limitations in a product’s use or in its materials in order to improve quality and safety when in use. Failure analysis is often used to discern why products fail in application. This is also particularly useful as it can be applied retrospectively to test the limitations of products in development.

Data is collected and analysed to determine the cause of failure. We then set corrective actions or find liability. Usually, failures occur when products are either being used in applications they are not fit for, or in environmental conditions that affect their chemical or physical makeup, also making them unfit for purpose.

Tests we do to support Failure Analysis testing:

Independent failure investigation and reporting services are provided to assist manufacturers in the development of their products:

  • Premature fatigue failure
  • Corrosion processes
  • Insulation and thermal performances
  • Durability of materials
  • Mechanical performance and strength characteristic for a wide variety of materials and products.
  • Suitability of raw materials, installations or any other processes that might impact the product during normal conditions.