Connecting with our clients and partners throughout the entire lifecycle of industry demands is what helps us to support their growth, manage their risk, and set them apart from their competitors.


A design-led sector that puts the needs of its patients first, the construction landscape within the Healthcare industry is evolving through the adoption of innovation and tech as fundamental cornerstones that underpin most refurbishment and new build projects. The BBA believes in creating a sustainable, healthy and functioning world through the provision of regulatory accreditations that re-enforce quality, compliance and integrity.


The writing has been on the wall for a while now; in order to build efficient, sustainable homes, the building sector has had to dramatically transform the way they work, the products they use and the systems they implement. Continued strong growth from the total housing output, particularly in the private new housing area, has placed the spotlight firmly back on the assurance of quality, reliable infrastructures through product and system certification, testing and inspection.


As humans have developed, and our habits have changed, so too has construction shaped a built environment that has, in turn, shaped and influenced the way we exist in our environment. What used to be city-centre high streets soon became out-of-town shopping centres, a return to the independent and the online the non-brick-and-mortar. And yet the evolution of the retail space continues to place demands on the built environment to adjust accordingly; requiring agility, relevance and sustainability.


Construction is considered the largest provider of the fixed assets that underpin the UK economy. The UK construction market for Education represents 11% of total new build construction output alone. With changes in community infrastructure being suggested to cluster around education and healthcare centres, the construction industry within the education sector faces an evolution of its own, with demands changing from traditional large-scale campuses only,  towards the adoption of modular structures as alternatives.


Whether offshore, onshore or underground, industrial construction has had to reinvent itself according to the demands of the population that relies on its output. And with a rapidly developing market, the need for consistent quality and integrity continues to sustain new development. For over 50 years, the BBA has been working alongside customers who are looking for the assurance and authenticity of the products they produce, the systems they implement and the productions they manage to allow them to innovation while remaining secure in the knowledge that their risks are managed.


Irrespective of what your construction products are made of, or where they are destined for, achieving access to the Infrastructure sector requires compliance to relevant regulations. Years of underinvestment have resulted in a newfound consensus on the need to invest in major infrastructure – a trend that appears to be growing around the world. With spotlight projects governing political agendas and the need to improve and sustain a growing economy and population, the focus on efficient and functional builds, underpinned by assured quality product and system and practice, is more relevant than ever before.

“Stop the Cowboys” roundtable backs calls for a licence to build

Key influencers within the UK construction industry have called upon the government to take action against cowboy building contractors by consulting on an industry-wide licensing/certification scheme to give end-users a recognisable mark of quality and trust.