Certification Scheme (MCS)

Certification for technologies that produce
heat or electricity from a renewable source

Working with manufacturers in the approval of microgeneration products. Those technologies that produce heat or electricity from a renewable source.

The BBA works closely with product manufacturers in certifying products aimed at the construction of high-performance, energy-efficient buildings, that minimise their environmental impact.

We certify products and how they perform again criteria within;

  • Air Movement

  • Thermal Performance

  • Control of Moisture

  • Ambient Energy

  • Acoustics and Lighting

  • Climate and Biology

Each one addressing energy efficiency, building sustainability and most importantly a building’s internal environmental conditions that affect the comfort of its occupants.

Which Renewable Technology can be MCS Certified?

Microgeneration products are technologies that produce heat or electricity from a renewable source (with a capacity of up to 45kW for heat; or up to 50kW for electricity).

BBA Certification provides Microgeneration Certification Schemes for a number of renewable technologies:

  • MCS004 – Solar Collectors (solar thermal)

  • MCS005 – Photovoltaic PanelsMCS006 – Small and Micro Wind Turbines

  • MCS007 – Heat Pumps

  • MCS008 – Biomass

  • MCS012 – Pitched Roof Installation Kits for solar products

  • MCS014 – Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP – Heat Led, CHP – Electricity Led)

  • MCS017 – Bespoke Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BBIPV)


  • MCS010 – Factory Production Control Requirements (FPC)

  • MCS011 – Testing Acceptance Criteria (including witnessing testing) UKAS accredited Testing Laboratory (No 0357) for weather tightness and resistance to wind uplift to MCS012

  • Full Agrément Certificates are also available for these products, including important information not covered by the MCS, such as Regulatory Compliance

  • Durability, Output Performance, Weatherproofing, Structural Stability and Practicability of Installation

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