Certification Scheme (MCS)

Certification for technologies that produce
heat or electricity from a renewable source

Working with manufacturers in the approval of microgeneration products. Those technologies that produce heat or electricity from a renewable source.

The BBA works closely with product manufacturers in certifying products aimed at the construction of high-performance, energy-efficient buildings, that minimise their environmental impact.

We certify products and how they perform again criteria within;

  • Air Movement

  • Thermal Performance

  • Control of Moisture

  • Ambient Energy

  • Acoustics and Lighting

  • Climate and Biology

Each one addressing energy efficiency, building sustainability and most importantly a building’s internal environmental conditions that affect the comfort of its occupants.

Which Renewable Technology can be MCS Certified?

Microgeneration products are technologies that produce heat or electricity from a renewable source (with a capacity of up to 45kW for heat; or up to 50kW for electricity).

BBA Certification provides Microgeneration Certification Schemes for a number of renewable technologies:

  • MCS004 – Solar Collectors (solar thermal)

  • MCS005 – Photovoltaic PanelsMCS006 – Small and Micro Wind Turbines

  • MCS007 – Heat Pumps

  • MCS008 – Biomass

  • MCS012 – Pitched Roof Installation Kits for solar products

  • MCS014 – Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP – Heat Led, CHP – Electricity Led)

  • MCS017 – Bespoke Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BBIPV)


  • MCS010 – Factory Production Control Requirements (FPC)

  • MCS011 – Testing Acceptance Criteria (including witnessing testing) UKAS accredited Testing Laboratory (No 0357) for weather tightness and resistance to wind uplift to MCS012

  • Full Agrément Certificates are also available for these products, including important information not covered by the MCS, such as Regulatory Compliance, Durability, Output Performance, Weatherproofing, Structural Stability and Practicability of Installation

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