When a customer signs their contract with the BBA, as part of that process, a Quality Plan is agreed, which provides detail around the post-certification maintenance schedule. Assessment visits are scheduled and in general, customers have an idea on the type of things that BBA Assessors will be looking for.

In general, they may include:

  1.  Raw Materials: We review details around incoming raw materials (like delivery notes) so that we can verify the supplier criteria. We review any other certificate of analysis or conformity, or any product testing carried out, around that product and the incoming raw material; all of which is made available by the customer.
  2. Production Records & Process: We review all production records for the certified product, so that we are able to compare production over previous months.
  3. In-process and final Inspection records: These are examined to ensure that the product properties remain as specified in the Quality Plan of the Certificate.
  4. Calibration Certificates: As part of our review, we check to ensure that all measuring devices used to quantify properties of the raw materials, or production of the product, are producing accurate measurements, so we review all calibration certificates to verify accuracy and ensure that equipment is being maintained as they need to be.
  5. Training Records: We may choose to select a randomly-selected team member while we’re walking through the production facility and then require to see the training record for that individual.
  6.  Records of Complaints: Complaints and claims are quite an everyday occurrence, and what our Assessors want to review is the register used to record complaints or claims, including the actions taken and how quickly those complaints were closed. We may review the value of claims over a period of time in comparison to the value of production, in order to assess whether there are any critical failures that need to be addressed. This may be anything from the discolouration of a product through to failures in functionality.
  7. The Walk-Around: Our review process is not a document-only exercise. It’s important for our Assessors to verify that what is captured in documentation accurately reflects the real-life scenario that takes place on the factory floor.