Undergoing certification of a product, there is a lot of information that we require of you. It’s a collaborative process between the BBA and the client to ensure we have all the necessary information we need to make an accurate assessment of that product.  The process is a rigorous one, which is why we will ask for very specific information from you, such as drawings, test reports, production process descriptions etc.

When a client initially agrees a contract to certify their product with the BBA, we define the requirements that we’d need from them for the project. That information is then provided to us, and only once we have all the specified information to hand, the project will be kicked off – to ensure we don’t need to duplicate, or re-visit any items due to different information provided along the way.  The quicker you are able to provide the information to our team, the quicker we are able to get the project underway and work with you to certify the product. The BBA is constantly looking at ways to become more efficient in the way we communicate, operate and administer projects, and if at any time you aren’t happy with the services you receive, we encourage you to let our Client Engagement team know via clientservices@bbacerts.co.uk .