The installation of such materials is a technically complicated area and requires the use of suitably experienced construction professionals.

BBA Certificates are detailed technical documents and every BBA issued certificate provides specific direction on the areas for which the certified product has been assessed, and the measures that need to be taken in order for it to perform as described in the Certificate. If there is any deviation to what has been directed in the Certificate, and if any of the measures are not complied with, the performance described in the Certificate cannot be expected and will therefore not be covered by the Certificate.

The BBA-certificate is not a guarantee or a warranty, and it does not cover specific applications, where the BBA cannot confirm the individual circumstance for each use case. The BBA also expects the quality of design, survey and workmanship to be at a suitably competent level, and views this as an important aspect of a successful installation, in addition to the use of an independent third party certified material.