The BBA runs 2 types of maintenance activities that ensure the ongoing relevance of that certificate in the market:  surveillance and 3-year review.

Certificate surveillance is an onsite manufacturing site visit that typically takes place twice a year, per manufacturing site, and assesses the production of the certified product. This is controlled via a BBA quality plan document,that confirms that all the main ingredients of that product, the checks on these ingredients, the ongoing process used in production of that product, quality checks along the way, and checks on the final product are unchanged.

A 3-year review takes place every 3-years and is a technical check of the issued certificate using a checklist of criteria to ensure that we’ve checked a wide range of things around the product itself (for example surveillance variation reports, complaints raised relating to the certified product, any references of critical changes to the product and production, any new tests conducted on the certified product, and to ultimately validate that the product being sold remains representative of the BBA-certified product).