On-Site Testing and Trials

To establish that a system or a component satisfies the design criteria, we use a wide range of laboratory testing facilities. However, when it comes to verifying the quality of workmanship or the actual operating conditions (both during the construction process and during the life-cycle period), our teams will carry out the testing regimes on-site and under real world conditions.

On-site testing is of particular importance when determining in-situ performance in unknown construction types in relation to change of use. Performance across the transportation, storage, handling, installation, fabrication and disposal stages is also verified and compared against traditional or alternative methods and solutions. This gives a full picture of the system.

Tests we do to support Onsite Testing:

Mechanical & Structural testing:

  • Pull out of fixings
  • Shear testing on fixings
  • Load testing:
    • Point loadLinear load
    • UDL

Flexural (and dead load) testing

Pull through testing

  • Sampling
  • Coring
  • Cover-meter (with load test and inspection)
  • Security testing (only manual “breaking in”)
  • Slip resistance/pendulum tests

Tests we do to support Trials:

Process characterisation/mapping for mockup tests at laboratory.

Studies and assessments:

    • Time/Motion
    • Transportation, storage and handling
    • Waste production
    • Environmental noise and thermal performance
    • Dimensional and tooling requirements