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Our People

Our People are the BBA. They are driven to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers and partners. Their talent is what makes us stronger. We want the BBA to be a great place to work and so we are proud of the teams we build that are focused on driving our strategy and values forward.

We are passionate about supporting our clients in developing innovative products and growing their businesses. That’s why our people  demonstrate loyalty and quality by committing themselves to be the best in their field. It takes courage to report wrongdoing and integrity to ensure this is followed through. Each member of staff is accountable for their areas of work and will collaborate with others, both employees and clients, to improve working relationships and service offerings.

“With seventeen years technical support experience of building products, I have enjoyed the variety and sophistication of work that my first year at the BBA has brought me. I have seen the importance of effective client management, supported by my team and the breadth of experience found within the BBA.”

John, Principal Certification Engineer

“My fantastic journey at the BBA regularly sees remarkable innovations brought by dynamic clients for inclusion in UK buildings. Supporting our clients through our testing, auditing and assessment processes, whilst ensuring products are ‘fit for purpose’ for UK construction is a terrific challenge and incredibly rewarding. I am also humbled by the wonderful experience of working with such exceptionally talented, dedicated and friendly colleagues in the BBA family.”

Patrick, Test Services

“I have been working for BBA for last 3 years as Sales Manager. Working for BBA is like working for a noble cause. My daily inspiration comes from the fact that I am contributing to keeping the construction industry safe. BBA’s Certification, Testing and Audit & Inspection ensures the product is fit for purpose. BBA has a complex process and highly qualified Scientists, Technicians & Technical assessors. It gives me great pleasure to make the process simple for the client and becoming the channel to direct the customers in the right direction in their journey towards BBA certification.”

Dennis, Sales Manager

“Since joining the BBA, I’ve felt incredibly privileged to work alongside colleagues who  hold immeasurable amounts of experience and knowledge. Engaging and collaborating across functions within the business, as well as taking any opportunity to speak to our customers, has meant that as a team, we continue to build up even more insight as to how to communicate better and, most importantly, how to serve our customers better.”

Katy, Marketing

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