For over 50 years, the construction supply chain has trusted us to lead the way in setting the bar for construction quality, enabling their market growth globally. We are proud to continue to enable access to new market opportunities.

With a technical integrity founded on an independent approach, and delivered by the industry’s recognised experts, we accredit building systems using the same trusted approach.

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BBA Audit and Inspection maintains high standards of quality and safety in our industry. Products that have been tested and certified as safe and fit-for-purpose are subjected to continuous inspection to ensure they remain so.

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Our collaborative approach, looking at the full product development cycle, means that we are so much more than just a testing house. Trust us to be your regulatory experts, helping you bring your products to market successfully.

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Drivers for Change: Reducing Carbon in Concrete Erosion Protection Structures

With global carbon emissions reaching an all-time high, there are calls from scientists and environmental activists for governments, corporations an
companies to act to prevent the further acceleration of climate change

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BBA Associate Consultant Scheme

Working collaboratively with clients and contractors to achieve ISO certification
We understand that not all companies have access to an internal consultant to manage their required ISO certification.
That’s where we can help.

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  • At the BBA, we provided construction product manufacturers third party approval for their Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) and External Wall Insulation Systems (EWIS), through a
  • Fenestration refers to all things related to windows, doors, roof windows, roof lights, hardware and skylights, and the BBA have been certifying these products for
  • How the BBA helps the Construction Industry Irrespective of what your construction products are made of, or where they are destined for, they must comply

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