Note: The BBA PAS 2030 Certification scheme is BEIS approved and to achieve this certification you must be a Trustmark Scheme Operator (the BBA can assist with both membership and certification).

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030 is a standard which opens the door for installers and organisations who wish to carry out the installation of funded Energy Efficient Measures (EEM) in the UK, including but not limited to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes. But to be part of this specification, you must be PAS certified as well as being a Trustmark Scheme Operator.

The BBA will initially audit written documentation (remote or in-person assessment), followed by a site assessment to cover each type of work for which you have applied under PAS Certification. Your assessment will subsequently be reviewed on an annual basis to maintain the PAS Certification.

PAS 2030 was created to support the Government’s framework to deliver energy efficiency to existing buildings and for property owners by putting measures in place to provide a uniformly applicable specification to which installers can demonstrate any energy efficiency improvement measures have been met in accordance with the certification.

There are multiple benefits you can enjoy through PAS 2030

  • Access to Government funding
    – ie. Energy Company Obligation in England and Wales

  • Build confidence throughout your network of clients and partners;
    – Registration with The Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB)
    – Become a recognised Eco-Installer
    – Maintaining quality processes

  • Become a Trustmark Scheme Operator (a pre-requisite of PAS certification)