Secured by Design

Fabricators holding BBA accreditation can apply for Secured by Design registration using their BBA certificate.

Secured By Design is a police backed standard which promotes products which are designed in such a way to ensure that windows and doors are fully secure against theft and burglaries. This scheme focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

Working with the Metropolitan Police, the BBA’s Secured By Design scheme allows you to register your windows and doors with Secured by Design to show that your fenestration products are secure and can meet Approved Document Part Q (security).

Fabricators holding BBA certification can apply for Secured by Design registration using their BBA certificate, provided the system has an Enhanced Security Product Sheet (ES sheet) included within the scope of the certificate.

How Secured by Design works
There are Secured by Design police officers and staff based in police forces, they work closely with architects, developers and local authority planners on new-build developments and refurbishments to design out crime using the principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and physical security aspects.

Working closely with manufacturers, police officers and certification bodies such as the BBA focus on the provision of robust, quality products that can achieve the Police Preferred Specification award, which recognises that SBD minimum standards have been met to help keep buildings secure.

This standard requires certification from a UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited independent third-party certification authority and involves regular production audits and re-testing to ensure a consistent quality over time and goes beyond the one-off testing required by Part Q of the Building Regulations, England.

Specification for enhanced security performance of casements, tilt/turn windows for domestic applications
BS 7950 must be supported by performance standards relevant to the materials used:
BS 4873, 2005 Specification for aluminium windows.
BS 7412, 2007 Specification for plastic windows made from PVC-U extruded hollow profiles.
BS 644-1, 2003 Wood windows. Specification for factory assembled windows – various types.
BWF: TWAS Timber window accreditation scheme.
BS 6510, 2005 Specification for steel windows, sills, window boards & doors.
LPS 1270 (Draft) Burglary resistance of security glazing and glazing films.
Based on LPS 1175, this standard enables specifiers to select glazing films that offer resistance to manual attack equivalent to the building products in which the glass or film is to be used.

Your products must also be tested to PAS 24 standards.

To find out how you can increase the secure service you provide to housing contractors as part of the BBA Secured by Design Scheme, get in touch, or browse the guide below.

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