UKCA Marking Product Labelling

As the deadline approaches and more clients achieve UKCA Marking conformity, there are more questions around the labelling of products and how to use the UKCA Mark than there are about what the change in marking actually is.

The UK Government link below is the best possible source of truth when it comes to using the UKCA Mark:

Using the UKCA Marking – UK Government

Routes to UKCA and UKNI Marking

There are two routes to UKCA and UKNI Marking. The UK Government has published the adopted Construction Products Regulation and The Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019. The latter came into force on 1st January 2021 and provides a parallel Regulatory system to that previously operated by the EU relating to CE Marking.

The first route applies where a product is covered by a UK Designated Standard. These documents have the same text as previously used harmonised European Standards. Up until the end of 2020, it was mandatory to CE Mark products covered by one of these Standards.

CE Marking will continue to be accepted in Great Britain until these changes take place, but thereafter this must be replaced by UKCA Marking.

UKCA Marking is mandatory for all affected new products being placed on the GB market for the first time once these changes take effect. .

The situation in Northern Ireland is different. Marking of the product is mandatory for a product covered by a Designated Standard, but this can be by either CE marking alone or by a combination of both CE Marking and UKNI Marking, depending on the location of the Certification body, as described above. UKNI is never used in isolation.

The second route is a voluntary process, where the product is not covered by a Designated Standard. This will require the issue of a UK Technical Assessment Document by a UK Certification Body, such as the BBA. If you are interested in this option, please get in touch, as the details of the process are still being decided by the Government.

Marketplace Type of goods (see list of product areas below) Accepted marking or combination of markings
Placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland Manufactured goods being placed on the market in NI using an EU conformity assessment body

Manufactured goods being placed on the market in NI using a UK-based body



Placing goods on the market in Great Britain Manufactured goods being placed on the GB market before these changes

Manufactured goods placed on the GB market from after these changees



Placing qualifying Northern Ireland goods on the market in Great Britain (unfettered access) Qualifying Northern Ireland goods being placed on the GB market under unfettered access CE



Placing goods on the EU market Manufactured goods being placed on the EU market CE

Things you need to consider

Moving to UKCA and UKNI Marking will take different forms depending on factors that affect you such as: 

  • The nation in which your company is based 
  • The markets you sell into 
  • Whether your product is covered by a UK Designated Standard or not 
  • Your AVCP level (where applicable) 
  • Whether your third-party conformity tasks are carried out by a UK or EU notified body 
  • Whether your ETA was issued by a UK or EU TAB (Technical Approval Body) 
  • Whether it is an existing product or a new product (i.e. whether it was already CE Marked before these changes take palce)

It is also important to note that new bodies, documents and numbering systems mirror those previously used for CE Marking and are summarised below.

pre-UKCA Marking Equivalent to Post-UKCA Marking
Harmonised European Standards = UK Designated Standards (Shown as EN XXXXX)
CE Marking in the GB Market = UKCA Marking
CE Marking in the NI Market = CE or CE & UKNI Marking
Technical Assessment Body (TAB) = UK Technical Assessment Body
Notified Body (NB) = UK Approved Body
Notified Body Number XXXX = UK Notified Body Number XXXX
European Approval Document (EAD) = UK Approval Document (UKAD)
European Technical Assessment (ETA) = UK Technical Assessment (UKTA)
NANDO Database = UKMCAB (UK Market Approved Body Database)

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Webinar

Partnering with SPRA and LRWA, we presented an online workshop about the UKCA & CE Markings.

The online webinar explains in detail about the current status of the marking, along with potential outcomes following a Brexit No Deal or Deal.

The questions submitted in this webinar, can also be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can also Submit your own Question if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.


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