We recognise there are a number of ways that we can improve our support for the entire construction supply chain, and that means understanding what every player in the chain needs from us in order to drive quality and safety throughout our space.

Beyond the certification of products and systems, we believe that organisations involved in the entire build process, from design to build to review and inspection, all play a critical role in driving the same quality and safety throughout the entire market.

What we’re doing: 

Whether you’re an architect, a building surveyor, someone who works with building control and local authorities, a warranty provider, a tradesperson, a contractor, a financier, or anyone else in the supply chain, we want to know how we can make your engagement with the BBA, a richer one.

That includes understanding what data you need from us, ways to make that access easier, things that we may be missing or any other improvements that would help you achieve your objectives more efficiently,

To do this, we’ve launched a project that will enable us to understand your needs so that we can ensure that your interaction with the BBA, the data we provide, the insight we publish, delivers and exceeds your expectations.

About the Project:

We’re running a series of interviews with individuals across the industry where we aim to understand more about:

  • You, and the role you play in the supply chain
  • Your dependency, engagement with, usage of BBA testing and certification data
  • Ways that we can make your job easier through different ways of presenting this data, the addition of data that you don’t already have access to
  • Areas that you think the BBA need to develop in order to satisfy your business objectives

Taking Part:

As a user of BBA-data and certificates, and a vital part in the quality of the entire supply chain, your involvement is critical to help us understand your business needs and continuously add value that helps you innovate, grow and mitigate risk.

If you, or anyone else in your organisation, are interested in taking part in the project, simply complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

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