Industry Voices: Treatment of clay
shrinkage via non disruptive
expansive geopolymer injection.

Geobear was originally founded in the 1980s in Finland, known then as URETEK. Since that time the proprietary URETEK geopolymer injection solutions developed by the company have gone on to be used successfully on over 200,000 projects across the globe. The geopolymers are multi chemical component systems which are mixed at the point of injection into the ground. The chemical reaction between these components creates an expansive geopolymer which compacts and densifies granular materials and strengths clay soils by filling existing and newly created micro fractures. The geopolymer injection design varies according to the desired objective, whether this is filling voids, lifting sunken slabs, and building or increasing bearing capacity and reducing settlements.

This article focusses on the use expansive geopolymers to mitigate the impact of subsidence and heave caused by shrinkable clay soils.

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