4 Simple steps to UKCA Marking Conformity

If you are a manufacturer or distributor based in the UK or situated in the EU. It’s important that you understand the changes that are happening as they may affect your trading capabilities. This is especially true with CE Marking and the introduction for UKCA Marking, meaning you must be ready for this conversion.

The BBA can support and guide you through these changes for both the UK and EU markets.

To make sure we are serving all BBA clients with the most relevant information we are keeping up to date with all UK Government, EU and industry guidance, continuing our strong relationship with the key players within the construction industry.

We will continue to inform you and refresh the information found on the BBA website in line with the latest communication and regulatory updates.


In line with Government advice pre the Agreement with the EU, where pemitted the BBA intends to accept existing reports from EU Notified Bodies for UKCA and UKTAs. However, this is conditional on the confirmation of the UK position by the Government; the BBA is working with DLUHC and BEIS to resolve the issue. If either of these is essential to your business, get in touch with the BBA to discuss your requirements and develop a product roadmap.

BBA Agrément and HAPAS Certificates are unaffected by BREXIT.

The BBA will also continue its wide range of activities that are independent of the UK’s status within the EU.


What is UKCA Marking?

UKCA Marking will replace CE Marking for any applicable products that are or will be placed in the GB market.

Mandatory for NEW applicable products placed on the GB market when this comes into effect.
Mandatory for ALL applicable products placed on the GB market when this comes into effect.
Existing CE Marking will be recognised in the GB until this comes into effect.

Please visit the BBA UKCA information hub for further information on what the UKCA Marking is and other vital FAQs

Note: Conformity tasks must be carried out by a UK Approved Body.


Why do you need UKCA Marking Conformity?

We want to make your conversion from CE Marking to UKCA Marking (or indeed a new application for a new UKCA Mark) as easy as possible and take the hassle out of this process, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

If you are unsure as to the benefits of UKCA Marking, see the list below:

  • Access to the UK Market
  • Simple and quick conversion process
  • Uses your existing CE Marking for ease of conversion
  • Working with your existing EU Notified Body to keep things simple
  • Future specification will demand UKCA Marked Products
  • CE Marking will no longer be recognised in the UK when this comes into effect
  • We provide the supporting services for you to make your UKCA Marking
  • Allows the use of UKCA Marking on products covered by Designated Standards (formerly harmonised European Standard)

The 4 simple steps to UKCA Marking Conformity

1. Application

It’s simple, complete this form providing as much info as possible: UKCA Marking Form (it’s 7 pages and fully editable)

And submit this to clientservices@bbacerts.co.uk

2. Programme of Work

We will prepare all the appropriate documents and issue a programme of work based on:

a) Partnership with CE Marking issuing EU Notified Body
b) CE Marking Certification portfolio from EU Notified Body
c) Associated Test reports (if required)
d) Factory Product Control report assessment from EU Notified Body

3. Current Certification Assessed

We will work with you and your existing CE marking provider to make your transition a smooth one. You don’t have to lift a finger.

4. UKCA Conformity

We issue UKCA supporting certifications for you to apply your UKCA Marking. (the issue of the supporting Certificates takes approximately 2 months from receipt of data).

More information on how you can use the UKCA Mark can be found here: Using the UKCA Marking – UK Government

AVCP (Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance) Level

The below table breaks down the differences in what is required depending on the AVCP level of your product(s) that required UKCA Marking:

Stage System 1+  System 1  System 2+  System 3 System 4
Product Type Confirmation
Formation of BBA/EU NB Partnership
NB Report Assessment(s)
Audit Testing
Issue Certification Constancy of
Constancy of
Conformity of the
Factory Production Control
BBA Test

Other things you need to consider

UKCA Marking conformity will depend on a number of factors that the BBA can discuss with you before progressing down this route:

  • The nation in which your company is based and manufacturing location
  • The markets you sell in to
  • Your current CE Marking portfolio including the UK Designated Standard and AVCP Level
  • Whether your third-party conformity tasks are carried out by a UK or EU notified body
  • Whether it is an existing product or a new product

What else can we do to help?

To help with this transition and other Brexit related matters BBA will be able to:

  • Assist in the transition from CE Marking to UKCA Marking
  • Prepare UK Assessment Documents, and issue UKTA’s (if you choose to voluntarily UKCA and/or UKNI Mark a product that is not associated with a Designated Standard)
  • Liaise with our European partners to minimise disruption and make the conversion process seamless
  • Offer Factory Production Control certification if you need a third-party inspection
  • Combine activities to save you time and money – for example, by combining Agrément factory production control visits with FPC 2+ visits and management systems certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001)

There is additional information for all our clients that currently hold a BBA product, in a post that was issued 28th September 2020 – The Impact of BREXIT on Your BBA Products

UK Government Sources:

The UK Government sources below can help if you require any further detailed information that is not provided on the BBA website. You can also ask us directly using the FAQ section or get in touch with us using brexit@bbacerts.co.uk and we will try to provide the information you need.

The EU Construction Products Regulation
UK adoption of CPR as a ‘designated standard’
UK Government guidance on the CPR from 1-1-2021
UK Government – placing goods on the UK market
UK Government – using the UKCA marking

Product Labelling:

Northern Ireland Information: Construction Products Regulation in Northern Ireland – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
UK information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukca-marking
For further information take a look at this BBA article – https://www.bbacerts.co.uk/2021/03/19/using-the-ukca-marking-logo/


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