Manufacturers, Specifiers and in fact the entire industry, expect exceptional
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The BBA's Installer Schemes help you to demonstrate your expertise,
Installer Schemes

Every BBA Audit and Inspection Scheme is designed for the relevant installer. We work with Cavity and External Wall Insulation Installers, heating professionals, ventilation specialists and renewables installers and many more – offering both UKAS accredited Inspection Body (No 4345) and non-accredited schemes.

By becoming a BBA approved installer, you get the benefit of our over 50 years’ experience, access to our highly trained assessors and inspectors and full support and entry to business tools to grow and thrive. The BBA is a UKAS accredited Inspection Body (No 4345) to operate installer certification schemes for PAS 2030, Microgeneration and Competent Persons under ISO 17065:2012.

BBA Approved Installer Scheme

The Approved Installer Scheme was created to help installers demonstrate expertise, experience and integrity in their work; qualities that manufacturers and specifiers expect, and covers BBA certified Insulation, Roofing & Energy Efficient Glazing Products

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BBA Competent Person Scheme

The BBA Competent Person Scheme (CPS) enables installers of solid wall systems to self-certify their solid wall insulation work.  Based on the assessment of the information submitted to us, the BBA will issue a certificate to the installer’s client, and notify the relevant Local Authority.

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PAS 2030 for Insulation Installers

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030 is a standard which opens the door for installers or organisations who wish to carry out the installation of funded Energy Efficient Measures in the UK, including but not limited to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes.

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High Friction Scheme (HFS)

The High Friction Scheme (HFS) was set up to cater to installers of products and services applicable to BBA HAPAS certification, which specifically looks at Highway Products & Systems. As with most products, the installation of High Friction Surfacing is important to the performance of the product, and poor installation practice can be safety critical. 

Technical Monitoring Services

Technical Monitoring services are schemes that support Ofgem (the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in Great Britain) & the Utility Companies, by offering solutions are shaped around industry regulations and expectation. We work in partnership with organisations to provide assurance around compliance and quality. 

Bespoke Scheme Development

We recognise that through repeat product & system innovation, needs and assessment expectations change too. The BBA is pleased to be able to support associations, lenders & guarantors, in formulating bespoke installation, inspection and auditing schemes that are tailored to their particular business requirements. 

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